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Customer service is A-1 and we strive for excellence. We are not happy until the client is Happy~! Updates to current client sites are done quickly and at times are done within minutes of the request. JP Designs is on-line 24 hours per day to help serve your business with "YOU" Our Customers in Mind! Thank you and I look forward to helping YOU expand your business on-line!

New Business Site

Some business web sites require more or less customization than others. So in turn the cost cannot be determined exactly until we know what you are wanting from your web site. First Page (initial set up) starting at $65 & Up Exact Fee quoted in e-mail.

One Page Price includes the following:

Custom Graphics designed to What you want. Message Board, Customized Guest Book, E-mail Link, Site meter and detailed tracker info, Music, Registration with 40 Search Engines,3 months of minor updates, This includes, adding or removing photos, (up to 6 at one time) updating text.. (please note: This does not include re-doing an entire page of text) If your business is an on-line photo contest there is additional small fee for adding photos during the 3 months of free maintenance....(6 photos in one month is included-any amount over, there will be an additional fee) This does not include creating additional pages or custom graphics. After the first 3 months monthly maintenance fees are billed at the first of each month...This depends on the amount of updates that are required for your business.



Banners & other Graphics

Custom Page sets which include backgrounds, graphic link buttons, divider bars, custom top header or welcome graphic, cost: 50.00 per set. This does not include installation. For simple backgrounds cost is 15.00 per background.
Banner ad Graphics: 2 for 25.00 (any size) or One for 15.00. For those ordering the 2 for 25.00 special the following applies: If more than 6 photos are to be added to the first banner the cost goes up to 15.00 per banner. If the second banner has no special editing cost will be 12.50. Any other type of  special editing cost is 20.00 per banner. (i.e.: Crown editing or removal of "busy" photo backgrounds) Certain type of animation (twinkling) at no additional cost.

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Please note: Banner pages change occasionally. The banner designs we create are not just "thrown together." Time and care are taken to design each and every one of them. None of our banner designs will have our business name on them (in corners). We feel since you the customer pays for them then there is no need to clutter up your banner with business names...

If you need a "Rush" banner please do not hesitate to contact us as we will forward you to a designer who specializes in banner design only.

WHY Maintenance?

Web sites are notorious for needing constant upkeep. If you are not familiar with HTML, uploading and the likes, maintenance can present you with an unpleasant and difficult task. Whether it be the addition of a simple reciprocal banner link or the addition of a new line of products, updating photos or schedules we can do the maintenance for you. Advantages of having us perform your routine maintenance. We know your site, we designed and developed it. No new parties will have access to your site. We only charge for work performed, not for learning your site. 

If you are wanting the best pricing for Domain Registration, We can instruct in on how to obtain your custom domain name for only $8.95 per year!! $17.50 for 2 YEARS ! Registered in your name! Need to check to see if your "Domain Name" is Available ?

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