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~Web Design Frequently Asked Questions~
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Domain Hosting Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you will be able to access the domain name with or without the WWW in front. For example, you could access the domain name "yourdomain.dom" by going to "www.yourdomain.dom" as well as "yourdomain.dom".
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Yes! Please click HERE to view cost of designs.
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You can check for domain availability directly from the InterNIC web site. Or you can go to to check for domain availability.
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Yes we can register your domain name at no additional cost, the only fees you pay are what we pay for the yearly registration cost. Or we can guide you through the registration process.
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Yes. When you place an order, be sure to specify that you are requesting a transfer and not a new domain. You should keep the service at the present site while waiting for your current Registrar to complete the transfer. We will provide you with all the necessary DNS information you need to transfer your domain to our hosting services.
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Use the Domain Registrar of your choice such as Godaddy.Com to register your domain name. Godaddy.Com  has the best pricing that we can find.
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Once your account has been activated your domain should start responding within 12-24 hours.
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Files can be transferred to the web server either through File Transport Protocol (FTP), or through Front Page server extensions. (Certain type of files need to be transferred through FTP). Be sure all your files are lower case letters as the web server will change the names of files automatically if they are uploaded with "UPPER Case" letters.
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Yes, you can use your account for commercial purposes. The World Wide Web has become a most efficient and cost-effective means of making information available to the users of the internet community.

Yes, we host ALL domain name extensions.
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We offer bi-annual and annual payment options. For more information, visit our plans & pricing section. (currently under construction) We accept Visa & Master Card, as well as personal and business checks through PayPal.Com. We also accept Checks & Money Orders made out to JP Designs. (Please note all checks must clear before processing new accounts
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Yes. We encourage our customers to use our Contact Form for questions or concerns about their web site. We are very quick to respond to support issues, usually within 2 hours. Fees are minimal set at a quarterly to hourly basis.

We process orders around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Once an account is set up an activation notice will be sent to you via email including a userid, password, and FTP hostname. You can begin uploading files to your new web site immediately.
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You can place an order directly from our web site 24 hours a day!
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